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World’s largest financial literacy lesson – multiple venues


Each year, the Erste Group conducts studies on financial knowledge and the level of savings in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The results of last year showed us that a quarter of Romanians do not save at all and only 17% of Romanians have the savings among the priorities, the rest put aside only what remains at the end of the month or year. The figures of all these studies showed us that Romanians are not well informed financially (actually two thirds of them) and don’t make the best decisions because the best decisions are made based on knowledge and understanding. In order to bring a positive impact into their lives, first and foremost we had to show people that is just a step towards financial independence and a better life.



On World Savings Day (October 31st) Romanians were invited to join forces in order to set a new record for Romania: the largest financial education lesson in the world. After months of planning, on October 31st on World Savings Day, BCR established a world record for the world’s largest financial literacy lesson in multiple venues. Together with more than 600 employees, 28 universities, partners, institutions and opinion leaders, we have invited Romanians all over the country to a much-needed lesson on money, savings, budget, goals, plans, financial independence. Complying with everything required inorder to certify a world record is a hustle but, in the end, all paid off when 13.230 people deployed in 59 locations left the lesson more knowledgeable on their savings and committed to educate themselves further. The lesson taking place at ASE (The Bucharest Academy of Academic Studies) was led by Sergiu Manea, CEO of BCR and the lesson from Politehnica University was led by Dana Dima, Retail VP.


• 13.230 people participated in the world’s largest financial education lesson deployed in 59 locations

• 600 BCR employees participated in the event

Financial literacy workshops in 22 cities

• BCR - first bank in Europe to hold a financial literacy world record

Partnerships with 28 universities Media Coverage

• +100 content pieces about the initiative, 6 of which on major TV channels

Total reach – 42.955.018 visits / month

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