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Don't take them for granted


Between the 9th and 23rd of October 2020, the Eidos Foundation has launched a public campaign in support of the medical community battling the pandemic. A documentary captured the dramatic efforts of doctors, nurses, rescue workers and other medical staff in their battle to contain the pandemic and save the lives of those afflicted by the disease.

Artists Cristian Movilă and Capucine Gros spent 70 hours from March until August 2020 in the ICUs of the largest public hospitals in Bucharest documenting the struggle. Benedict Cumberbach provided the movie’s voice over and Alfred Jaar presented support videos. The DON’T TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED documentary was projected for two weeks on a large public display in the heart of Bucharest, the George Enescu Plaza.



The pandemic was an everyday reality for all of us. But very few of us understoodd the struggle from the front lines of the pandemic. Yes, we know the numbers, we hear the news, we know how many daily cases were reported yesterday, how many have died, or how many are 

fighting for their lives in Intensive Care. But the numbers don’t tell the story. We wanted people to actually see what happens inside the intensive care units. We wanted them to see the struggle and the lifesaving work of doctors and nurses, in order to fully appreciate their dedication and to raise social support for the medical community. The launch date was set for October 9th. The movie was launched simultaneously on the installation in George Enescu Plaza and on YouTube. The day before the launch, we invited journalists and influencers for a private audition of the movie at the installation. Along with press invitations we sent personalized masks for 100 key opinion leaders. The activation doubled down on human relationships, reinforcing the idea that behind every mask is notjust somebody’s face, but



• 300.000 people watched the movie on the public display in George Enescu Plaza.

Another 51.000 viewed the documentary on YouTube.

The documentary picked up 283 earned mentions across channels.

• More than 2,4 million people were reached organically by the campaign.

someone’s mother, father, son, wife, lover. For example, we sent masks that read Mother to Dana Rogoz, Son to Marius Manole or Wife to Laura Cosoi. We pitched the documentary to all major national TV stations. PRO TV, Digi24, Prima TV, and TVR aired the documentary entirely. The press release announcing the campaign was picked up by national publications, but also by international outlets, thanks to featuring actor Benedict Cumberbach. The documentary was promoted organically among the UNFINISHED social media community and through dedicated newsletters featuring snippets from the movie.

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