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Traditional Values

People learn through stories. And not through stories told by brands, but through the ones told by people like them, which are relatable enough to prove it is possible for them to enjoy the same experience. So, if we wanted people to see Facebook for what it really is, a place where everyone can create meaningful connections, no matter the values they live by, we had to bring the best examples into the spotlight. There’s no better place than a Facebook group to find a community of people with different backgrounds and values, coming together to share inspiration and advice. And what better voice to tell their stories than their moderators, the balanced community leaders who are constantly working to bring together so many people and managing to perfectly handle both sides of every story an opinion? Which is why we turned them into the voice of our campaign and let them highlight what it means to create a safe space where people can express themselves, no matter their values. To portray what



Facebook’s mission is to give everyone the power to build communities and bring the world closer together. It’s the place where everyone can stay connected with friends and family, discover what’s going on in the world, share and express what matters to them. However, perception is not the same. Although there is a broad spectrum of meaningful communities active on the platform, including many conservative ones, the company is struggling to refute the accusations of political/ideological bias and detachment from local values.



happened in these communities, while also having our message reach as many people as possible, we decided on a mix of written and video materials and this is where Recorder came in. With their help, we have created 3 videos with 3 of the moderators involved in the project, all of them focused on showcasing the importance of Facebook as a platform where people can and do feel united and welcomed, while also tackling important social and civic issues. Besides the collaboration with them, we have pitched all of our moderators and their stories to local and national media, which has led to many interviews, in some of the most important publications and TV channels in the country.



• 3 video materials with Recorder: 186,000 views; 4,350 reactions

• 7 stories in top media, including: Online article: 6,086,400 visits/month; Radio interview @Radio Guerilla: 109,400 listeners

• 1 video material for ProTV: Broadcasted 5 times; 3,565,000 views

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