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Christmas Charity Days

Globalworth is a real estate investment company active in the SEE and CEE regions with a prime focus on Romania, where the company is the leader of the office real estate market, and Poland. In a market where the demand for modern, Class “A” office buildings is on the rise,

In 2017, the company’s involvement in CSR campaigns dedicated to children related causes was not a news, especially for the employees. So, we decided to turn the week before the Christmas Holidays into the perfect opportunity to gather the employees for a different kind of team activity, one that brings joy not only to them, but also to the ones in need. The morning after Saint Nicholas, the employees arriving at 

Globalworth has put together a high quality and resilient portfolio, assembled through disciplined buying, development and active management of space, with the help of the professionals managing its portfolio. Ever since has opened its operations in Romania, the company has had a keen interest in supporting the local community and along the years it developed and financed various CSR initiatives. But Globalworth is the sum of its employees, of the different people working for the company on different assignments, making all the achievements possible. So, it’s only natural that the company wanted the employees to be also part of the CSR activities. Our challenge was to find a way to encourage them to volunteer in CSR activities, without having the feeling that they gave an extra mandatory task to complete.


the office discovered a completely different workplace – the corporate lobby of Globalworth Tower was turned into a Christmas Wonderland. And it did not take long before the children from the partner charity foundations arrived in the lobby, to attend the Christmas workshops prepared for them - wooden toys, Christmas tree decorations, origami, dolls, globes, gingerbread decoration. Their helpers were, of course, the employees. For an entire week, they spend a wonderful time together with more than 1.200 children from the foundations Hospice Casa Sperantei, Salvați Copiii, United Way, Sfantul Dimitrie Foundation, ‘Un strop de Fericire’ Association and many others.

The event gathered the entire Globalworth team, more than 1.200


children, reached thousands of people – tenants working in Globalworth Tower (Vodafone, Huawei, Inditex, Nespresso and many others) and curios visitors and turn out to be an excellent team building initiative for the employees.

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