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A decade of Nescafe Plan


In 2010, Nestlé launched the NESCAFÉ® Plan, with the aim to bring together all of the company’s commitments on coffee farming, production, and consumption. In 2021, Nestlé looked back and reflected on the progress the company has made. In order to both showcase the evolution of a decade of continuous and committed work, and create the context for meaningful conversation, we knew we had to bring the NESCAFÉ® Plan to the public’s attention.



Following an in-depth analysis of how similar projects have been communicated in the past, we came to the conclusion that the best way to start a conversation is through the media. Even more so, we knew that we had to find the right outlet for each of our public, be it on a central or local level. So, we looked for the media outlets that would accurately showcase our messages and results, the media outlets our public would trust for this kind of communication. Strategy: Our strategy was to start a conversation around what it means for a company to create actual change and then introduce the NESCAFÉ® Plan as the way to do it. In other words, we started with defining the concept and then turned the NESCAFÉ® Plan into its synonym.


To put the topic on the public agenda, we sent out a press release that compiled the most relevant goals, results, and next steps of the NESCAFÉ® Plan, such as the €320 million invested in projects to support coffee production, the distribution of 235 million coffee plantlets worldwide and the support of more than 900,000 farmers in growing and producing more quality coffee. Then, for the second wave of communication, we sent out a PR package to all relevant stakeholders (KOLs, bloggers, influencers, journalists covering companies and sustainability). After establishing the NESCAFÉ® Plan’s position, we had to ensure that this position becomes indisputable: we pitched in-depth interviews with Atana Skalko, the BEO Beverages South East Marketas a way to showcase most of the impact and results of the NESCAFÉ® Plan, build on the reach of our project and bring it closer to our target audiences.


Press release earned results

• 112 content pieces covering the launch, published by 89 media outlets and journalists

Total potential reach: 4,850,303 views from the press and social media

PR sustainable package results on social media

• 21 posts from publications & journalists

• 16 stories from journalists

Total estimated reach: 4,497

Pitching results

• 6 in-depth interviews published in 6 relevant media outlets & 1 print insert in Practic magazine (earned)

Total potential reach: 752.450 visits/week

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