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Limited edition Postcards from Pink Post

Theme & Opportunity

Pink Post is the largest private postal services operator in Romania. It handles deliveries of utility bills, bank notifications, tax returns, generally the kind of correspondence recipients are not too eager to receive. Much of its activity goes around without notice or appreciation. When recipients do notice is usually when correspondence doesn’t arrive on time and they get penalty fees on next month's electricity bill. Yes, Pink Post is the kind of brand that doesn’t get any visibility for the 99.98% of the time when it is performing successfully, but gets a lot of bad exposure for the 0.02% when it performs below standards.

We took the challenge of changing that and in late 2020, during another outbreak of the COVID pandemic, we launched a special project that focused on human interactions - enter the Pink Postcards. We set up a special landing page, where people could choose from a variety of postcards designed by graphic artists, write their own messages and then send the selected postcards to their loved ones. Pink Post handles the printout, packaging and delivery. And that’s it. A simple, analogue, time cherished way of staying in touch with people we care about during a time of social distancing.



Ever since before the pandemic, studies have proven that loneliness increases the risk of mortality by 26%. In the context of mandatory social distancing for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact this measure has on the wellbeing of people is massive. This highlights the importance of staying connected through any means possible, within legal restrictions, as well as the crucial role postal services employees play as more than delivery factors - friendly faces that bring information and messages to our doors. Pink Post delivers around 446.000 letters every day. It has 1400 postal workers on duty in 60 postal offices covering most of Romania. They kept on delivering correspondence through the worst days of the pandemic. We knew that the company had the infrastructure to connect people from all over the country and that they could deliver correspondence anywhere in a matter of hours or days.


For once, we wanted people to feel good about Pink Post services. And we wanted them to remember the successful side of the company’s activity. We planned on doing that by expanding our social media outreach and fostering engagement with the audience beyond day-to-day community management through art and social influencers.

Campaign goals

Engage the audience on a positive topic regarding postal services and Pink Post

Increase social media engagement and outreach

Generate positive coverage about Pink Post

Target audience

Core: Recipients of Pink Post correspondence

Secondary: Pink Post corporate clients

Communication channels

Dedicated landing page and Instagram account

• Influencers and key opinion leaders

• Direct mailing


We launched the campaign on Christmas 2020, then followed up with new issues on Women’s Day, Easter and the Summer Holiday Season. We collaborated with graphic artists to create the postcards and promote the campaign on social media.

The Pink Postcards got their own landing page and Instagram account. The landing page was the gateway to the campaign. Users browsed through the different postcards, picked their favorites, wrote special messages, then entered their destinations.

The Instagram account featured the postcards, but also stories about the project.

On launch day and every other issue since, we’ve sent PR packages to a group of 35 selected influencers and journalists. The package was a special postcard with a message from Pink Post encouraging influencers to talk about the campaign with their communities. They have also received informative emails, which also got us media coverage on Virgin Radio and Europa FM and a newsletter. Many influencers posted the postcards on their Instagram stories, encouraging communities to enter the website and send a card to a loved one.

Through Facebook boosts, we also managed to reach people out of our usual online community and bring them on our social media and landing pages.



• 4577 people received postcards from loved ones

400% organic increase in followers for the dedicated Instagram account

• 292.177 social reach, from promoted content on social media, outlets and influencers’ mentions

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