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Biz Top PR România Awards: we got a special award and we are featured in two tops!

Yesterday, the 11th edition of the Top PR Romania, the ranking of the best-performing PR agencies in Romania based on an extensive study by Biz and Unlock Market Research, was launched. And we are more than delighted to announce that we are featured in two categories and received a special award!

Special Award: The biggest increase in the agency category with a turnover of less than 1 million euros

Number 10 in the top of the best-performing PR agencies in Romania

Number 6 in the Top PR Romania 2023 – agencies that do over 80% PR

The industry has been changing a lot, with many agencies offering alternative services - this has led Biz and Unlock Market Research to create, for the first time, a top 10 of agencies that do PR in a proportion of more than 80%.

Elena, Managing Partner @Conan and the one who took the stage last night and claimed the trophy with our name on it, says: "Our 13th year of activity has actually proved to be one of the luckiest (besides hard work, of course) - we have been developing our team and our portfolio, offering new services and tapping into new industries. I truly believe that it is this combination of elements that has made us a better team and I am excited to see it recognised by our peers. A huge thank you to all of my colleagues, this award is about them!"

For more information about the top and the awards, check out the article published by Revista Biz. Or the one in IQads!


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