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Dino Parc Râșnov, the No. 1 choice among theme parks in Romania - over 455,000 visitors in 2023 -

Dino Parc Rasnov wrapped up 2023 with impressive results. More than 455,000 tourists enjoyed the unique experience that the park offers, 55,000 children and teachers benefited from free admission to the Școala Altfel and Săptămâna Verde programmes, it won the Grand Prize of the Viewers and the title of Destination of the Year in the "Fun and Adventure Parks" category, as well as the Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Award, offered by Tripadvisor, the largest international travel recommendation platform.

With almost half a million tourists a year, Dino Parc Râșnov is the most visited theme park in Romania. Since its opening in 2015, the park offers visitors new and unique experiences year after year, managing to remain the largest dinosaur park in South-East Europe. In fact, more than 96% of the 2,047 respondents to a study on their experience at Dino Parc Râșnov described their visit to the park as "very pleasant" or "enjoyable", and 38% of them were willing to travel more than 250 km to see the life-size dinosaurs up close.

“We are, by far, the favorite destination for families with children of all ages, kids eager to play in nature, within a framework conducive to relaxation, but also to the discovery of information about the 120 scientifically attested life-sized dinosaurs. They come and return with joy because, year after year, we invest in the park’s development, proposing new and exciting creative and educational activities to maintain high interest and desire to visit us and participate in the unique experience we offer,” said Adrian Apostu, General Manager of Dino Parc Râșnov.

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Life-size Diplodocus dinosaur surrounded by children and tourists in Dino Park Rasnov


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