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Jam Session Agency - 4 Brands in the BrandRO 2023 Rankings: eMAG, Tazz, Freshful, Untold

Jam Session Agency, the number 1 independent agency in Europe according to the Effie Index, proudly boasts four of its brands in the BrandRO rankings, conducted by Biz and Unlock Research. More exactly, there are the three brands in the Top 10 BrandRO - the strongest young Romanian brands, namely Tazz, Freshful and Untold, as well as eMAG, included in BrandRO 2023: Top 50 most powerful Romanian brands.

"Every day, we are happy to contribute to the construction of these brands that have courage in their DNA. Also, we are grateful to have over 70 employees who are as passionate and courageous as the brands they create for. Next year, we aim to occupy the entire top 5 of the most powerful young brands, be that in years or attitude," says Andreea Ghenoiu, Creative Partner at Jam Session Agency.

"Through these achievements, we once again demonstrate that Jam Session is a business project based on the belief that through creativity, strategy, and total involvement, we can push brands to give the world more authenticity, spectacle, and meaning - and all the effort ends up counting in the most beautiful way," says Ioana Cadîr, Co-Managing Partner at Jam Sessions Agency.

"Untold is a recent client in our portfolio and has an incredible success story: the first Romanian entertainment brand recognized and appreciated both in and outside Romania. We started contributing to this story with creativity and strategy. We are delighted to have ambitious partners whose mission is to bring joy to people's lives through music, unique experiences, and storytelling. It's also our jam," says Valentin Suciu, Co-Founder & CCO of Jam Session Agency.

Find out all the details from the press release published on PRwave.


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