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Jam Session Agency is strengthening its management team. Ioana Cadîr becomes the General Manager

  • Ioana Cadîr, who has over 17 years of experience in Communication and Advertising, becomes the General Manager of Jam Session Agency;

  • The role of Client Service Director is taken over by Alexandra Vestineanu.

Jam Session Agency, Europe’s number 1 independent agency according to Effie Index, announces the strengthening of the management team. Thus, Ioana Cadîr becomes General Manager, Alexandra Vestineanu takes on the role of Client Service Director, while Valentin Suciu and Andreea Ghenoiu continue to enhance the agency’s creative output and cultivate its innovative spirit. These changes come in response to the challenges brought on by the agency’s significant growth over the past two years, in order to keep up the pace with all the changes seen in consumer and client behaviour, as well as to accommodate the company’s development plans.

The new management team structure comprises four key roles, each with well-defined responsibilities, in a new game, where business understanding, clear strategy, smart data usage, continuous learning, and challenging the status quo must happen in parallel. Therefore:

  • Ioana Cadîr, in her new role as General Manager, takes on responsibilities related to the company’s strategic direction and business.

  • Alexandra Vestineanu focuses on financial efficiency and processes in client and supplier relationships, in her new role as Client Service Director.

  • Andreea Ghenoiu leads the creative department, bringing vitality, structure, and innovation into creativity, from her position as Creative Director.

  • Valentin Suciu is responsible for development and learning activities, creative culture, and generating new business opportunities in his role as Co-Founder & CCO.

“With over 70 team members, we can no longer expect changes to happen overnight, especially since, both for us, the upper management team and the middle management team, there will be a period of transition towards new roles, responsibilities, and learning new skills”, said Ioana Cadîr, General Manager of Jam Session Agency. “The clear and focused allocation of roles is aimed at implementing a vision oriented towards generating efficiency and real impact for the clients, in order to set new standards in partnership relations and business understanding. At the same time, this change and the clear role delineation lead to a shift in the agency’s internal dynamics, allowing us to grow harmoniously in a collaborative culture that is already built on many strong and truly spectacular individuals.”

Currently, Jam Session Agency's portfolio includes brands such as eMAG, Tazz, Untold, ING Bank,, Carrefour, Sodexo, Olx Group with the brands Olx, Storia, and Autovit, Poliana, Kinetic, Veka, Linco, Pufina, Bilka.

You can read all the details in the press release published on Nine O'Clock.


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