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Klarna’s annual trend report: consumers celebrated the year of Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Barbie

Klarna, the AI-powered payments network and shopping assistant, is excited to unveil its second annual global trend report, 'The Checkout,' providing a panoramic view of consumer trends across the world over the past year. The report showcases 'Fandom Fashion' as a leading global shopping theme for 2023, influenced by standout pop culture moments featuring Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Barbie, among others.

Linked to the phenomenon of 'Fandom Fashion,' Klarna has identified extraordinary increases in global purchases across various product categories. Noteworthy examples include a remarkable 1601% surge in demand for 'Rhinestone Cowboy Hats' in August 2023 compared to January, epitomizing the iconic Renaissance Tour by Beyoncé.

A special highlight in this year's report is the influence of the Barbie movie on global consumer trends. Items such as 'Pink Luggage' (+254% in August 2023) and 'Pink Nail Polish' (+146% in September 2023) have experienced significant upticks, reflecting the vibrant and playful aesthetic associated with the Barbie movie launch.

“Fashion and beauty have always played a central role in live music performances simply because it adds an extra dimension to the music. With out-of-this-world tour wardrobes, custom-made looks that have taken thousands of hours to create, by brands that fans dream of wearing, it’s no surprise that the artists’ stage styles get headlines,” said Klarna’s Fashion Director, Emilia de Poret. “This summer’s blockbuster tours are all examples of how artists set the trends for their millions of fans. Pop culture moments that will make fashion history.”

For more information, check out the full press release published on G4Media.


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