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Zalando unveils partnership with Rina Sawayama as its new ambassador for designer

Zalando, a leading European online platform for fashion and lifestyle, continues to double down on its Designer offering by announcing a partnership with musician and actor Rina Sawayama as its new ambassador for 2024. Rina’s sense of style and way of expressing her personality and artistry through fashion foster a sense of individuality that resonates with a diverse audience. Her fearless approach to fashion not only reflects her creative vision but also reinforces the importance of authenticity, inclusivity, and pushing boundaries which are key values for Zalando.

To celebrate the launch of the partnership, a female led creative campaign photographed and directed by renowned fashion photographer Carlijn Jacobs and styled by Georgia Pendlebury captures Rina’s multifaceted personality through a unique lens. The concept draws inspiration from the juxtaposition of personalities, at times introvert or extrovert, bright or dark, creating a space for Rina to embody the different versions of herself. Mixing creative and cultural elements, the campaign allows Rina to portray her full personality while navigating between reality and fantasy. 

For more information, check out the full press release published on A List Magazine


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