UBER is a tech company which develops innovative urban mobility solutions in +600 cities from 77 countries. UBER’s mission is to offer viable alternatives to the personal cars and make urban mobility available to everyone, everywhere, at the push of a button. However, innovation brings change, and change is often feared, misunderstood or just not welcomed.  In Romania, UBER’s model is still not defined in the current regulatory framework – this put the company into a constant reactive/ crisis mode and has made it more difficult for the local business to scale, especially when it comes to attracting new drivers on the platform.

Moreover, there is a general negative perception towards the idea of “being a driver” being considered a job that one does to get by, if no other options available.



Present the “human face” behind the Uber technology use storytelling and photography to tell the stories of the UBER partners in Romania – the first ambassadors of the service – and showcase the benefits of driving with UBER – flexibility, independence, financial empowerment. We partnered with Alex Gâlmeanu, one of the most talented and awarded artistic photographers in Romania, and with DoR storytelling to discover and capture the unique, inspiring story of people driving with UBER in Romania.

Moreover, we used UBER technology to surprise riders – all those who rode at least once with one of the drivers featured in the project received their story on email, with incredible engagement and positive reactions.

We wanted to show that it’s not about UBER, it’s about the people who drive on the platform, so we focused on drivers’ personal stories, their backgrounds, their dreams, passions, hopes and how UBER is just a piece of a much bigger puzzle.



  • The photo exhibition, 7 locations, 150.000 traffic
  • Social media – +1 mil. Facebook reach, both organic 35% and paid 65%
  • DOR editorial project – 5 driver stories, +15,000 unique readers, 686 shared on Facebook
  • 57.4% open rate for rider emails
  • Online advertorials – a total of 50,000 readership
  • Outcome: +25% increase in driver sign-ups from May to September