The beginning of 2018 presented itself as an opportunity to launch in Romania Uber Green, a fully electric ridesharing service, first as a pilot that would then be developed in partnership with authorities and carmakers. Cooperating with authorities is not something Uber has always been good at in the past, but under the new leadership, the company is committed to doing things differently. Sharing the road to a greener future.


Campaign goals

  • Generate awareness and usership for Uber Green
  • Demonstrate Uber’s commitment to be a partner to authorities and be part of the solution to curb urban air pollution in cities


Electric vehicles look very much alike their polluting cousins. Looking at the car, you don’t see much of a difference. But we wanted people to notice the difference and get excited about it. And we created Green Zoe. A green car for a green service. We blended technology and organic and created a memorable image, sustaining the core message of our campaign – technology can make electric transportation attractive & available to more people like never before. 


Launch event

Together with our partners from Eldrive, we introduced UberGreen, fully electric service, in the presence of 21 journalists (tech, auto, generalist and consumer media) and policy stakeholders (Govt, Parliament, US Embassy). Green Zoe was the star of the event and of the other actions planned for the following days. In the same day, we sent a press release: Uber launches fully electric service in Bucharest: UberGREEN and the next day we delivered green candy to 41 journalist ladies in 27 editorships in order to celebrate International Women’s day and spring and announce the launch of the new green service.


Green Zoe activations
In the next three months after the launch of the service, the Green Zoe has been the star of several activations. First, we challenged Mazilique & Oana Titica to spend a green day with Uber: wear a green T-shirts, buy green fruits/vegetable, ride Green Zoe and listen to Green Day. And share their experience with the digital community to spread the word about UberGreen and a green way of living. Two of the most important tech journalists from Ro were invited to test the service for a week and write about it. Also, we pitched a special photo project in Glamour Eco print edition about UberGreen and Green Zoe. For 1 week, our Green Zoe was exhibited in Park Lake, one of the largest malls in Bucharest, to give people a chance to take pictures with it and to sign up for a photo contest in order to win 30 rides with Uber Green.


Follow up communications
We pitched media stats about Uber Green results after 3 months in Bucharest and in social media we posted an awesome throwback using the How it’s made vid – a timelapse video with Green Zoe.



  • After 3 months, +10.000 users have used the electric service, 71.769 km were made by the UberGreen cars and 8.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide would have reached the atmosphere if the distance had not been traveled with an electric car.
  • Two companies (5 to go and Bank Transilvania) joined our vision to make 100% electric mobility
    options more accessible. They support the pilot program partially covering the leasing cost of UberGreen electric cars, thus supporting the drivers that offer this service
  • eGo, the car-sharing service of the largest bank in BCR, has decided to share part of their fleet through the UberGreen service
  • Ongoing talks with 3 car makers (Volkswagen, BMW and Nissan) on growing the pilot in Bucharest Moreover, Uber took over the idea of the green car and replicated it in Germany, for the launch of
    UberGreen in Zurich and Dusseldorf