In the second half of 2017 UBER Romania wanted to achieve three communication objectives:

  • shift focus from taxi vs. UBER narrative to UBER vs. car ownership;
  • position the service as a solution to urban mobility, alongside public transport;
  • highlight public support for the service.


According to a 2015 IMAS survey, 42% of subjects would rather use UBER than driving their personal cars if going somewhere where parking is limited. In a city where there are over one million cars to 200.000 parking spaces, it makes a lot of sense. Parking is a great trigger for UBER – it happens to every driver, it happens every day, it’s frustrating and UBER is a real, affordable, easy-to-use, safe alternative to it.


In september 2017, we launched a multichannel campaign with the message Better Take UBER. And we kicked off with a survey among UBER drivers and riders. More than 2.700 people took the survey and the results were impressive:

  • 8 of 10 said they have parked illegally at least once because they had no available parking space;
  • 62% are having a hard time finding a parking space on a daily basis;
  • 47% have been involved at least once in a verbal or physical confrontation over parking spaces;
  • 52% are using public transport or UBER whenever they have to go to place where parking is limited.


We turned the survey results into a press release with an attached infographic and send them to national media outlets. And generated 117 articles, with total audience of +1.5 million.