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The Craft Makers


Crafts are almost forgotten in Romania. Schools don’t teach them & people don’t encourage them. And it’s been this way for the best part of the last 28 years. Moreover, two years ago, for seismic risk reasons, a lot of craftsmen were left without workshops - many of them being closed. Without noticing, craft has become an invisible manner. Yet here we are, surrounded by passionate craftsmen who refuse to let their passion die out. They’re few and far between, but they still create and share with the world. And their stories are amazing.

And Silva is one of them. Actually, it’s the biggest one out there. Because it took its craft and shared it in a bottle of beer with millions in the mainstream. Therefore, the opportunity was there, because SILVA beer has the perfect ingredients to become the spark that will reignite the Romanian passion and culture for the crafts.



That’s why we created a bridge between those who have mastered their crafts and those who aspire to try one. How? The Craft Makers - a guided tour through passion and taste. Let’s take a tour now and witness passions and crafts directly from The Craft Makers. Literally, this is what we did. We developed monthly tours around iconic craft makers in Bucharest, giving a unique chance to people to see the genuine passion for craft behind workshop doors, all seasoned with local gastronomy - ingredients for an unforgettable experience. The tours were guided by Reky - the promoter of local food, the founder of MyTransylvania Association, and probably the best guide in the world.


all the tours were fully booked

more than 1k social media posts (100% user-generated content) & tour review articles in which the concept of CRAFT was placed next to Silva beer

• +3.120.000 total reach & 38.900 reactions on social media

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