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Uber Green Launch

The beginning of 2018 presented itself as an opportunity to launch Uber Green in Romania: a fully electric ridesharing service, as a pilot project first, that would then be developed in partnership with authorities and car makers. Sharing the road to a greener future.



Make electric mobility a sexy topic and get people really excited about the product.

Launch the new service with Uber’s commitment to Romania in mind - „launching Green shows we’re here to develop our business and partner with authorities & car makers to reduce congestion and pollution”.


• media event, national mass-media (TV, online, radio, print);

• digital (social media, Uber website);

• third party validators.


Launch event: Together with our partners from Eldrive, we introduced

UberGreen, a fully electric service, in the presence of 21 journalists

(tech, auto, generalist and consumer media) and policy stakeholders

(Govt, Parliament, US Embassy). The GREEN Zoe was THE STAR of

the event and of the other actions planned for the following days. Because

electric vehicles look very much alike their polluting cousins, we wanted people to notice the difference and get excited about it. that is how we created Green Zoe: a green car for a green service. With the magic help of CRESC studio, we covered one of the electric vehicles, a Renault Zoe, in a layer of preserved moss. Green Zoe became the centerpiece of our campaign and a true ambassador of green transportation.



+5.2 mil total reach

over 26.000 reactions on Social Media

+10.000 users in 3 months

306 articles and stories in print, online, radio and TV

over 250.000 euro AVE

• two companies (5 to go and Bank Transilvania) supported the pilot program partially covering the leasing cost of UberGreen electric cars

• eGo, the car sharing service of the largest bank in BCR, has decided to share part of their fleet through the UberGreen service

• Uber took over the idea of the green car and replicated it in more cities around the world (Zurich, Dusseldorf, London, Krakow, Kiev)

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