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10 Years of Galantom: 27.8 Million Lei for 1665 Projects, the peer-to-peer fundraising platform initiated by the OneKind Association and the People for Sport Association, is celebrating 10 years of helping Romanians raise funds for the causes they believe in!

Since its launch in 2013 and until today, donations totalling 27.8 million Lei have been collected, supporting 1665 projects implemented by nearly 500 non-profit organizations. In these ten years, a total of 210,500 donations were made, with the majority going towards healthcare projects, and the largest online donation made on the platform was 33,000 Lei.

Andrei Chirtoc, co-founder of the OneKind Association and Project manager of the platform, stated, "We are very grateful to all those who use and support Galantom to do good. They have inspired us and given us the energy to take the next step for Galantom's vision, which is to become a resource for integrated digital donation solutions for NGOs. In 2023, we launched two new applications, in addition to the peer-to-peer platform. Galantom FORM - a recurring donation form that easily integrates into the organization's website, available since the beginning of this year, and Galantom POS - a donation app through point of sale (POS), currently in testing and hopefully available to all interested NGOs in the first part of 2024. Galantom is still proof that small acts of generosity can have an impressive impact if we harness the power of TOGETHER."

To mark these 10 years of Galantom, the team behind the project will also launch a travelling exhibition featuring portraits of ten of the good-hearted people who have used the platform as a fundraising method over the years.

The ten "Galantomi," each representative of one year of the platform's existence, are:

  • Journalist Alex Nedea donated his birthday to the Hospice Foundation.

  • Ultramarathon runner Andrei Gligor will run 250 km in the southern Moroccan desert in April 2024 to support the future of children in Romania, backing Viitor Plus.

  • Clara Chirculescu raised donations by singing to support the Ajungem Mari Foundation.

  • Entrepreneur Dragoș Petrescu donated his anniversary to Hope and Homes for Children.

  • Advertiser Elena Cîrîc ran in support of the Hospice Casa Speranței Foundation.

  • University lecturer Oana Moșoiu gave up birthday presents to support the Zi de Bine Association.

  • Athlete Sebastian Ghioca pedalled to raise donations for the Children in Need Foundation.

  • Journalist Toader Păun raised funds for children with cancer from the Magic Association.

  • Valentina Sayago supported the Speranță pentru Integrare și Recuperare Association.

  • Actor Marius Manole ran to support Hope and Homes for Children Romania.

You can read all the details in the press release published on Revista Biz.


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