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Klarna Survey: How much are Romanians spending on Christmas?

  • All in for the Christmas day: Gifts and food are on the top of the spending list for 79% of respondents

  • Budget aware: 76% are looking to reduce their spending this Christmas

  • High spirits: 82% of Romanians either like or love the holiday season


With the final stretches of the holiday shopping season coming up, a survey conducted by Klarna, the AI-powered global payments network and shopping destination, showcases how much Romanians will be spending this Christmas and what are their top priorities.  

Top holiday-related expenses

When asked what holiday-related expenses they plan to spend the most on this year, 49% of respondents said they would allocate most of their spending on gifts. The second highest-rated category is food, with 30% of respondents claiming this would be their largest expense during this holiday season. Similar figures were also reported for 2022, with 50% for gifts and 33% for food. 

On the opposite side, it is revealed that Romanians plan to spend the least on fashion or beauty, and social events, the first one being prioritised by 1% of respondents, and the latter by 2%. 

With the big day only a couple of weeks away, we wanted to take a more detailed look into how the most recent economic changes impact the shopping habits of the people. And I think that it is interesting to see that, even though there is a consensus that we have to watch our budget, the holiday excitement is real. At Klarna, we stand by our commitment to support our partners and clients and offer them the options they need to have the best shopping experience. And it is through our services, such as Pay in 3, that we can make a difference by upholding flexibility and smart spending, providing an alternative for customers to plan their expenses effectively, says Lukasz Dwulit, Head of Klarna CEE.

Flexible & interest-free

When it comes to the actual payment options, there are some key factors that Romanians prioritise, such as having interest-free (32%) and flexible options, that allow them to pay in multiple installments (29%). The top is completed by the need for quick (39%), easy and convenient (46%), and secure and trustworthy (48%) payments.  

You can read all the details presented in the press release on Adevărul.


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