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2010 vs 2024: About Lexi

This week is almost coming to an end, but it definitely comes with a few words about Lexi: “In 2010 I was starting high school. At that time, I was watching Grey's Anatomy too much and I thought I was going to become a doctor, which is why I was studying biochemistry at a high school on the banks of the Danube (I'm from Tulcea, sorry). What happened 14 years later was beyond me then. In any case, life seemed easier, although if you asked me I would have listed 20 non-problems. I almost miss it.”

On how things have changed, we learn that “in 2024 I have much shorter hair and I definitely didn't go to medicine (I changed highshool profiles in 2012). I'm at Conan (obviously) and I ended up doing communication, which I love and it's become part of who I am. In 14 years I've learned that what's important to me in life is being authentic and being my own advocate for the things that matter. I think 14-year-old Lexi would be proud, which warms me the most.

Funny thing, I picked up Grey's Anatomy again 14 years later."


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