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2010 vs 2024: About Miruna

If you haven't met Miruna, we'd love for you to do so now. "It's possible that 2010 was really the year I came face to face with the creative industries for the first time - I was a motion keeper (that is, what I would now call a videographer) for a public speaking competition for high school students - I filmed, edited, I edited, I put credits, music, cartoons, I rendered dozens of hours. And the summer of 2010 (the year I finished the ninth grade) was the first one in which I organized a vacation with my friends, at the sea. I was doing some kind of creative writing course and imagined that I would go into film directing."

What she tells us about now, sounds like this: "14 years later, even if a lot has changed (especially hair colours), the things that excite me are the same - travel and writing. When I'm on Conan I write more, and when I'm not I travel more. I didn't imagine that I would work in PR, but now I can't imagine anything else either. Maybe more writing, maybe something related to the movie, sometime. But with the girls from Conan by my side 💚"


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