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Bridgestone Develops Bespoke Potenza Sport Tyres for Maserati’s First All-Electric SUV

●      The new all-electric Maserati Grecale Folgore has been fitted with custom-developed 20” Bridgestone Potenza Sport ENLITEN tyres, Bridgestone’s flagship ultra-high performance tyre, to enhance its capabilities.

●      The Bridgestone tyres specifically engineered for the Grecale Folgore extend the EV’s driving range, while delivering superior handling performance in challenging conditions on both dry and wet surfaces.

●      This is the latest in a long series of collaborations between the two premium brands, including their recent partnerships on the Maserati MC20 and Maserati Grecale.

Bridgestone, a global leader in premium tyres and sustainable mobility solutions, has been chosen by Maserati to develop bespoke 20’’ tyres for its first all-electric SUV, the Maserati Grecale Folgore.


After recent collaborations including fitments for the Maserati MC20 supercar and the Maserati Grecale, Maserati looked to its long-term partner for a tyre that could enhance the on-road capabilities of its first-ever all-electric SUV. Bridgestone responded with custom-developed Bridgestone Potenza Sport ENLITEN tyres, its flagship ultra-high performance tyre.

Consistent with Maserati’s deep-rooted Italian heritage, the Maserati Grecale Folgore was designed and produced in Italy, and so were its bespoke Bridgestone Potenza Sport ENLITEN tyres.

Alongside a successful, long-term partnership, Bridgestone and Maserati also share a strong commitment to electrification. The Bridgestone tyre specifically developed for the new Maserati Grecale Folgore delivers very low rolling resistance performance – achieving a best-in-class EU Label A-grade – to extend the Maserati Grecale Folgore’s 500km range.


Bridgestone’s proprietary Virtual Tyre Development technologies was combined with Maserati’s driving simulator to ensure that the bespoke tyre could be created and tested in a digital environment – reducing physical prototyping and testing, cutting raw material consumption and carbon emissions, and enabling a faster time to market.


Speaking on this announcement was Steven De Bock, Vice President Original Equipment at Bridgestone EMEA: “The Grecale Folgore is a historic launch for Maserati on its pioneering electrification journey, and we’re very proud to help bring its performance to life with Bridgestone tyres. We both have a strong commitment to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles; it’s a great moment to see our collaboration break new ground in electric mobility.”

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