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Elena Bululete: Clients need a partner by their side, to think long-term and strategically, to build brands and meaningful relationships

A great talk between Elena Bululete, our own co-founder and Managing Partner, and Romanița Oprea, for Business Review - this is what we recommend you for your daily lecture on everything MarComm. Of course, you can find it here! But, if you are looking for just a sneak peek, here is one:

How would you characterize the evolution of the Romanian PR industry? How would you characterize the industry right now (creativity, budgets, strategy, etc)?

Cautiously recovering – the pandemic hit the industry hard, we felt that we would get back at full throttle, but we’re taking small (but steady) steps instead. Even so, we had great projects last year – we started a great collaboration between Zalando and the Diploma Festival, we celebrated 5 years of Lăptăria cu caimac with some cool new products and events, we developed a great campaign together with (World Travel Hackers), we jumped on the Barbie wagon with Uber Pink, we launched Klarna on the Romanian market and we organized Flip Sustainability Talks, just to name a few.


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