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Elena Bululete: "We have a team that I trust very much (and that the clients also trust) as well as good and brave clients"

A discussion about the PR industry in Romania, the developments that happened in recent years, being increasingly competitive, with many agencies of all sizes and freelance communication specialists. An overview by Romanița Oprea, for Biz Magazine, with input from Elena Bululete, Managing Partner @Conan PR.

That is what we recommend you read whenever you have about 20 minutes to spare.

"We have a team that I trust a lot (and that the clients also trust a lot) and good and brave clients, with whom we have had cool projects — a refreshing year. I felt a cautious 2021, a 2022 in which we tested the new order of things and a 2023 in which we seem to be trying to recover what we lost from 2020 onwards. For us it was a full year, without seasonality, we communicated constantly all year, we communicated the launch of new companies on the market, we strengthened the reputation of the already existing ones, we strengthened the internal digital department and we settled our team better," said Elena.


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