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Firestone Launches Roadhawk 2 ENLITEN, its New Touring Tyre

  • The new Firestone Roadhawk 2 ENLITEN summer tyre offers the best-in-class wet grip, 20% longer mileage than the original Firestone Roadhawk and a more than 10% rolling resistance reduction to optimise fuel/energy consumption.

  • Significant performance upgrades from the Firestone Roadhawk’s previous generation are made thanks to the integration of ENLITEN technology – also ensuring that the Firestone Roadhawk 2 ENLITEN is an EV-ready tyre.

  • The latest tyre from Firestone will be available from January 2024 in 19 more sizes than the original Firestone Roadhawk.

Firestone is announcing the launch of the Roadhawk 2 ENLITEN, the successor to its summer touring tyre, Roadhawk. Engineered with the innovative tyre technology platform ENLITEN, the latest tyre from Firestone provides best-in-class wet grip, enhanced mileage and improved fuel/energy consumption compared to its previous generation. The latest Firestone addition is also EV-ready.

Firestone Launches Roadhawk 2 ENLITEN
Firestone Launches Roadhawk 2 ENLITEN

Enhanced performance to meet everyday challenges

With heavy traffic, sudden braking and motorway speed all part of the daily mix of challenges on the roads, the Firestone Roadhawk 2 ENLITEN enables motorists to stay in control of their everyday journeys. The tyre is engineered with ENLITEN, a combination of cutting-edge technologies providing maximum safety, outstanding tyre performance and improved sustainability characteristics. In the case of the Firestone Roadhawk 2 ENLITEN, this is combined with an innovative mixing technology and the integration of NanoPro-Tech, a high silica content compound that provides robust abrasion resistance and longer mileage.

“Everyday drivers are demanding safety on the roads and, in this current climate, increased value for money,” says Steven De Bock, Vice President of Consumer Replacement and OE at Bridgestone EMIA. “The Roadhawk has represented the best of Firestone, and now we’ve taken it to another level by introducing the incredible capabilities of ENLITEN with the Roadhawk 2 ENLITEN. And as an EV-ready tyre that’s available in a wider collection of sizes, this tyre’s performance benefits can be brought to many more drivers.”

You can read all the details in the press release published on EV Market.


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