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Flash Lighting Services: For the year 2023, we report a revenue increase of over 42%

  • Flash Lighting Services maintains its market-leading position in the design, construction, and management of intelligent lighting systems; 

  • The company ended 2023 with a turnover of 184 million lei; 

  • The year 2024 brings clear directions for development, with a greater focus on integrating new technologies, ensuring data security, and energy efficiency.

Flash Lighting Services, market leader in the design, construction, and management of intelligent lighting systems announces the results achieved during the year 2023, as well as the development directions for 2024.

In 2023, Flash Lighting Services recorded a turnover of 184 million RON, approximately 37 million euros, representing a growth of 42.6% (54.9 million RON) compared to the previous year. This significant increase underscores the commitment of the entire team to creating a much safer environment, with innovation and professionalism in public lighting as cornerstones. With an expanded workforce requirement, the Flash Lighting Services team experienced a growth of 7,5%, ending the year 2023 with 170 employees.

Among the most significant services and projects in 2023, there are:

  • Modernization of public lighting in Alba Iulia, Târgu Jiu and Tulcea;

  • Special projects, such as festive lighting in Brașov and Craiova;

  • Illumination of Băneasa Airport;

  • Urban mobility project in Brașov.

"Adequate and intelligent public lighting is no longer just a necessity, but also a crucial investment for the development of our cities, with impacts on the quality of citizen’s life, public safety, and economic efficiency, both locally and nationally. Going forward, we will focus on achieving results that reflect our commitment to people and the environment. To accomplish this, we aim to expand the Flash Lighting Services team by approximately 6% this year. We want to direct our efforts even more towards end-users, including citizens, tourists, employees, and all those who come into contact with our projects, to provide them with pleasant experiences in a safe, sustainable, and comfortable environment," says Dan Vătăjelu, CEO of Flash Lighting Services.

Also, in 2023, the Flash Lighting Services team was awarded for the best outdoor connected project by Signify for the modernization of public lighting in the Municipality of Tulcea, where they implemented an interconnected lighting system, Interact, for over 2,800 lighting points.

For the year 2024, Flash Lighting Services aims for an approximately 13% growth rate, focusing on diversification of its business areas, prioritizing the creation of an environment that brings happiness to people.

You can read all the details in the press release published on Business Review.


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