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How much does it cost to travel to distant destinations?

With an ever growing appetite for travel, Romanians are looking to literally expand their horizons and travel to distant places, and try as many distant or “exotic” destinations as possible. took a look at their favorite destinations, and shares tips on when best to travel to save on tickets, and leave more room for fun and experimentation.

So far this year, the top 5 destination countries for Romanians traveling long-haul are Spain, the US, the UAE, Thailand, and the UK. If we dive in further on bookings made by Romanians on for distant places, it seems Asian destinations are a nationwide favorite. The top ten completes with: Maldives, Canada, Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia. But how much does it cost to travel there?

Read on to find out about how much it costs Romanians to travel to their favourite exotic or distant destinations on Revista Biz.


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