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Jam Session Agency adds 12 awards to its portofolio, won at Internetics and Romanian PR Award

● At the Internetics Awards Gala 2023, Jam Session Agency gained 7 trophies.

● The 21st edition of the Romanian PR Award brought 5 awards to the Jam Session team.

● The “Unfollow Self:Hate” campaign, made by Jam Session Agency in collaboration with ING Bank, was the most awarded in both competitions, securing a total of 5 trophies and awards. This not only reflects the campaign's exceptional quality but also the teams' ability to create and convey relevant messages with a positive impact.

Jam Session Agency, the number 1 independent agency in Europe according to the Effie Index, has won a total of 12 awards, trophies, and diplomas at the Internetics Awards Gala and the Romanian PR Award - two of the most significant events dedicated to excellence in communication. The two events took place last night, and Jam Session’s nominations, which included 5 brands and over 10 campaigns from their portofolio, validate Jam Session’s vision - relevant and impactful ideas that continuously challenge conventional communication models.

“This has been an extremely intense year for us, but all the beautiful things have been possible precisely because we manage to work as a team and support each other in every endeavour. Last evening, we split ourselves to attend both events, and, together with our clients, we took the stage to celebrate the moments when we mutually bestowed the necessary trust, an awareness for those moments that brought us to this point. I am especially pleased with the campaigns that were born from proactive initiatives, often with a very limited budget, and that we managed to craft exceptionally well, maximising the impact. This is also the case with the anti-fraud campaign from ING – Fraudy Tales, which received recognition both at the Gaming Video Awards and the Romanian PR Award,” said Ioana Cadîr, General Manager of Jam Session Agency.

In the 23rd edition of the Internetics competition, Jam once again demonstrated that innovation and creativity give rise to campaigns that lead in the digital industry. Out of 145 entries, representing 56 brands from 28 agencies, Jam Session Agency was named the winner of 7 awards.

At the 21st edition of the Romanian PR Award, Jam Session was honoured with no less than 5 trophies.

“The people at Jam are eager to explore new tactics, to think with the purpose of surpassing conventions and breaking patterns. All of this happens while creatively responding to the client's needs. Every time we, as a team, manage to do this in a memorable way, and we receive awards such as Best Digital Campaign for Tazz or PR Innovator of the Year for ING Bank, it is another confirmation that we are doing what we do well. The addition of new trophies to our portfolio from Internetics and the Romanian PR Award can only further demonstrate that the values we believe in, as well as the balance found between us and our clients, are the path we should stick to,” added Valentin Suciu, Co-Founder & CCO of Jam Session Agency.

Other brands in the Jam Session Agency portfolio include: OLX, Autovit, Carrefour, Veka, Igienol.

You can read all the details in the press release published on Revista Biz.


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