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More vacation days for fewer days off

Bucharest, March 15th. Bank holidays are ideal for a short break and a few days to see the places you've had on your bucket list for a few years already., a leading travel-tech company, has created a list of tips on how to take advantage of public holidays, vacation options and some destinations to see at different times of the year.

Easter holiday

For a perfect vacation, consider a trip between May 1st and 6th or even May 1st and 10th. For 10 days of vacation, you only need to take 5 days off. And because it falls in the same period as Labour Day you can make up for even 2 weeks of vacation.

Return flights to London on, for a holiday between May 1 and 6 start from 677 lei, and to Milan from 720 lei, and for a trip between May 1st and 10th, prices for Milan are even lower, starting from 570 lei, and you can visit Brussels for only 484 lei, round trip.

Summer holidays - Pentecost & August 15th

You can go on a city break between June 21st and 24th with just one day off, or combine Monday the 24th with a longer holiday between June 22nd and 28th, taking only 4 days off.

Moreover, this year, August 15th falls on a Thursday, ideal for a city break between August 15th and 18th, with only one day off.

Just right for a city break between June 21 and 24, return prices for Venice on start from 570 lei, and a week's holiday in Bari between 22 and 28 June starts from 860 lei. A city-break in Athens between August 15th and 18th starts from 640 lei.

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