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Noark Electric inaugurates their first regional logistics center in Romania for electrotechnical equipment and components

Bucharest, March 12. Noark Electric Romania, a subsidiary of Noark Electric Europe, a company that develops, manufactures and markets electrotechnical components and low voltage equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications, announces the inauguration of their logistics center in Romania, which will serve the countries in the region.

Through its location in a strategic area near Bucharest, located at FM Logistic, Noark's partner, the center ensures high availability of products and fast deliveries to the company's partners and their customers, the delivery time being reduced by 50%. This logistics center will be equipped with an advanced warehouse management system, which automates and optimizes the processes related to processing, as well as the prompt delivery of orders.

"The logistics center is another step by which we want to meet the needs of our partners. This investment ensures fast deliveries for all projects in the region, cutting delivery times in half, making costs more efficient for partner projects, regardless of their size. Thus, we strengthen and improve existing partnerships." says Eugen Toma, Country Manager Noark Romania.

It positions Romania as an important node in the region for the Noark Electric partner network. The center will serve not only Romania, but also the markets of Bulgaria and the countries of the Balkan region. In this logistics center, the company stores over 2000 euro pallets of products from the Noark portfolio for the Romanian market alone. Thus, the necessary stocks for a turnover of 3 to 4 months are ensured. About 2000 order lines are processed per week.

"Our new logistics center illustrates Noark Electric's dedication to improving services for European customers, and Romania is our priority. From a financial point of view, we expect to reach profitability in 2 years, with the help of investments and generating added value," says Jan Lesný - Operations Director for Europe at Noark Electric.


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