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Two appointments to the position of PR Director: Simina Ignat and Sabina Gealatu.

We are pleased to announce that Simina Ignat and Sabina Gealatu are taking on the roles of PR Directors. After several years alongside the Conan PR team, during which they have coordinated and been involved in numerous communication campaigns, Simina and Sabina will now focus on strengthening relationships with existing clients and on developing new business opportunities.

"Simina and Sabina have become an integral part of Conan's DNA, and their promotion is a recognition of the impact they have on the agency's development. We've always said that people are the most important asset of a communications agency. Our dream at Conan is for the agency to be a place where our colleagues can grow, learn, develop their own projects, ambitions, and careers. Together, we aim to develop the agency as an infrastructure that provides the team with the resources to follow their individual destinies," said Elena Bululete, Managing Partner of Conan PR.

Simina has been a part of the Conan PR team since 2019, focusing on strategic communication, media relations, and influencer management. She has worked in creative agencies since 2012 and has been involved in the communication of the Rocanotherworld festival, co-founded Ladies, Wine & Design in Iași, and hosted a podcast at one point in her life. Among her clients at Conan are, Uber, Liliac Winery, and

"When I joined Conan in 2019, I felt like I had finally found my place. I found a great team, clients who understand the communication process and trust our recommendations, and space for creativity - the area where I feel most comfortable and where challenges sound more like opportunities to me, no matter how corporate they may sound. I'm happy that I can contribute to Conan's development both in terms of the strategies we create for clients and in terms of our growth as an agency."

Sabina joined the team in 2018 and has experience in corporate communication, branding & identity, and media relations. Her first encounter with the creative field was in 2016 when she worked for an energy industry company. Sabina's portfolio includes international clients such as Facebook, Klarna, or Mindspace, as well as valuable entrepreneurial businesses like Lăptăria cu Caimac and Jam Session Agency.

"This fall marks five years since I've been sharing my professional life with the Conan team, and, to be honest, I didn't imagine our story would unfold like this - but I'm really glad to see how things have fallen into place. We've been through a lot together, both good and bad, but mostly good. We believed together, we won and lost projects. Most importantly, from my perspective, we've always done our best, and I believe that's the approach that will take us even further."

The changes within the agency are part of the strategic direction in which we emphasize the consolidation of meaningful and healthy relationships, both with clients and partners, as well as within the team.

This year, we celebrated 13 years in the PR and communication industry, during which we collaborated with over 100 international and local brands from various industries, from Tech/IT and HR to Retail and FMCG. In 2023, we also opened our own social media department to provide services tailored to the digital era.


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