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Uber Snail launches to show the damaging impact of the government’s new law proposal

Bucharest, March 18th: Uber launches Uber Snail, a product available on the app starting today and until March 19th, which will show how the Uber app would work with approximately 90% fewer drivers and price rises for consumers. On March 8th, the Ministry of Transport published for consultation a restrictive new amendment to OUG 49/2019, which regulates the Uber service, that would have a devastating impact on tens of thousands of drivers who use the app to make a living, and remove an essential service for millions of people across Romania. The proposal to change this ordinance affects more than 90% of the vehicles available on the platform today.

In consequence, the availability of the services will be drastically reduced, while passengers will not be able to use Uber like they did since it was launched in Romania 9 years ago. The changes would affect waiting time, making prices increase and trips less accessible and convenient. 

Uber Snail mimics the experience of ordering an Uber, should the proposals be implemented. 

While using the app, riders will be welcomed with a pop-up containing information about the current proposed changes to the alternative transport regulation. After closing it, users will see only UberX and the Uber Sanil product during the majority of Monday 18th of March. What are the characteristics of the Uber Snail product? 

  • Limited number of available vehicles; 

  • Higher ETAs;

  • Significant price increases. 

“Through Uber Snail, we want to paint a picture of how urban mobility could look like if the proposed amendments to OUG 49/2019 are implemented. While tens of thousands drivers will be affected by the changes, users will experience significantly longer ETAs, as well as drastic price increases, two major changes that would remove this essential service for many. People who see Uber as a way to solve the lack of parking spaces, sending their kids to school along with their grandparents, going to work or simply running errands will be unable to use a service they have had at their fingertips for almost a decade. We invite users to use Uber Snail in order to understand the impact as this might soon become the only option for the alternative transport in Romania. ” says Ana Maria Borlovan, Head of Driver Operations at Uber, for Central & Eastern Europe.


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