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Conan PR 2023 overview: exciting brand activations and inspiring launches

In a year when artificial intelligence has taken off, changing the paradigm of many creative activities, PR has had to be more agile, innovative and personalised to adapt to the new demands and expectations of audiences. Faced with the new context, brands have struggled to assimilate the challenges as effectively as possible, but with equal agility, they have also embraced the opportunities. In this way, through PR actions, be it traditional media presence, social media community building or novel brand activations, companies manage to stay relevant in a global market where the most desirable resource is consumer attention.

Brand experiences

One of the brands that wanted to offer unique and memorable experiences to consumers was Zalando, which organised a pop-up dedicated to the creativity and imagination that fashion can inspire in each of us, from 7 October to 10 October, as part of the Diploma Show. Visitors were able to immerse themselves with AI in 5 personas, were rewarded with vouchers and enjoyed the latest fashion items of the moment. The results? 54 influencers and content creators were transported into the world of dreams and had fun at the launch party and over 5,000 visitors were able to experience and dream through the fashion pieces.

New launches

In June, Klarna officially entered the Romanian market and said "Hello" to Romanians with its interest-free instalment service "Pay in 3" and mobile shopping app. Through the service, Klarna offers companies and their customers a smooth shopping experience and guaranteed shopping flexibility. In order to provide valuable insights into the BNPL market, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO of Klarna, gave a series of valuable interviews to publications such as Wall-Street and

Read more about the projects developed in 2023 together with brands such as Lăptăria cu Caimac,, Uber, Liliac Winery, UiPath Foundation and Flip in this article on


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